The tallest girls are coming to Burgas

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Burgas will be a host of Final "B" of the State basketball championship for girl cadets. Five teams will take part in the tournament. The team from Burgas "Toni 7" is one of them. The rest are BC "Lokomotiv" - Stara Zagora, BC "Rositsa" - Polikraishte, BC "Zograf" - Tryavna and BC "Costents".

The championship will be held on 20 and 21 June. The matches will be played in hall "Boicho Branzov", which is licensed by BFB for hosting such sports events.

With the support of Municipality Burgas, medals and cups for the teams place from 1st to 3rd place, individual prizes for MVP of each team, t-shirts and other awards for all the children and their trainers will be provided.

 Here is the match program:


20.06. /Saturday/


12.00 Rositsa - Zograf

13.30 Kostents - Lokomotiv

15.00 Toni 7 - Rositsa

16.30 Lokomotiv - Zograf

18.00 Toni 7 - Kostenets


21.06. /Sunday/


09.00 Kostenets - Rositsa

11.00 Zograf - Toni 7

13.00 Rositsa - Lokomotiv

15.00 Zograf - Kostenets

17.00 Lokomotiv - Toni 7

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