The state acrobatics championship in Burgas marked out the future of the sport in Bulgaria

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The State individual acrobatics championship for girls and boys age 6-8 and 9-11, youths 12-18 and 13-19 has ended.

The two clubs from Burgas - "Neftohimik 2011" and "Burgas", triumphed with their athletes in the age groups 6-8 and 9-11, which gives them real chances in the following years to take over the first places in the higher age groups.

In the two competition days, the youths 12-18 and 13-19 age groups gave lots of surprises and seriously upset the plans for medals of most clubs. Until then end of the final day, 13 June, the strongest competition was in the women doubles and triplets.

The athletes of all 12 clubs were very well prepared and gave the spectators lots of emotions.

Club "Neftohimik 2011" and "Akro Tamp" Sofia won a gold medal in the balance, tempo and mixed combination in the overall women triplet in age group 13-19 years - Viktoriya Chobanova from "Neftohimik 2011", Monika Koleva and Evganiya Grigorova from club "Akro Tamp".

Club "Burgas" performed well in the Women double and Men double for youths 12-18 years old. Plamela Yotova and Yoanna Petrova won silver medals in the balance combination, gold in the tempo and gold in the mixed combination; Nikola Georgiev and Panayot Dimitrov won silver the all the 3 combinations.

With their overall standing in all age groups, the two clubs from Burgas filed their ambitions for medals in the future completions.

The standings of the other clubs:

Club "Olimp" Lom has 3 medals in the balance, tempo and mixed combination - silver for the men youth double and gold for the quadruplet in age groups 12-18 and 13-19. The women youth triplet won silver in the tempo combination and bronze in the mixed.

Club "Orel" Aytos won gold in the mixed double in age group 13-19 years in all three combinations. The women double 12-18 years won gold in the balance combination and silver in tempo and mixed.

Club "Akro Nova" Gorna Oryahovitsa won gold in the tempo and mixed combination in women double and mixed double in the 13-19 age group and women triple in the 12-18 age group. In the balance combination the women and mixed double won silver, and the women triplet - gold.

Club "Akro Tamp" Sofia also has medals in every combination: gold in the balance for mixed doubles age 13-19 and 12-18 and the women triplet age 13-19; in the tempo and mixed combination, silver for the mixed double age 13-19 and gold for the mixed double age 12-18 and women double age 13-19.

With 2 medals in each combination in different age groups are the clubs "Lokomotiv" Ruse, "Pleven" and CSKA.

All the clubs, participating in the State individual acrobatics championship gave a high rating to the organizers of the event.  In their opinion, the high level of organization has helped for the good performance of the athletes.

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