Concerts, exhibitions, art installations and performances entertained residents and guests of the city during "Turn on the city"

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On 13 and 14 June for a fourth consecutive year in the framework of “Turn on the city” the Burgas audience was surrounded by modern art installations, performances, concerts and exhibitions at non-standard places.

The section art-installations like every year provoked huge interest. The dancing robots of the talented artist Peter Holden succeeded in impressing the public with their coordinated movements. One of the halls of the newly opened expo center “Flora” became a dance scene for the unusual installation.

Right in front of the robots is placed the Pavilion of love, which through the combination of poetry, architecture and interaction provoked the passers-by with interesting forms and functions. The installation is accessible even after the end of the festival, so that anyone who wants to experience something new and interesting can go and try.

The exhibitions this year were marked by international participation, diversity and lots of humor. Mixed up 3 and cartoons of some of the most famous people were presented in the “Flora” and will stay there after the festival, to entertain the public.

The winner of X-Factor – Jana Bergendorf performed along with band “Goresht pyasak” and caused a real furor on square “Troykata”. The concert program this year was diversified by an unusual, but very interesting concert with antique instruments in the Sea garden. Except these concerts the music section of the festival program included a rock concert and karaoke at the open-air stage “Ohluva”, and DJs from Burgas entertained the music fans after sundown on the terrace of the Sea casino.

The most colorful space was again the Wall of fairy tales, where in both festival days big and small children painted umbrellas, made dolls and 3D puzzles. “The theater of Karabas” presented the story of the fairy tale hero Pinocchio in a different manner and lots of curious guests of “Turn on the city” learned to paint on water in the “Flora”.

The show “Fire and light” at the Pantheon presented a unique mix of several types of art. In front of hundreds of spectators Kalin Sarmenov led an exceptional show, in which took part ballerinas, Led-robots and fire specialists, who left the audience breathless.

Painting on wheels again provoked towards kindness and tolerance. Products of this social event were lots of textile accessories, whose coloration was made entirely and only by the wheels of wheelchairs.

The other social accent, which caused a real astonishment, was the dance spectacle “Disham” /I breathe/, which dragged into innovative movements the passers-by. This performance with wheelchairs was one more proof of the strength of the human spirit.

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