12 year old footballers compete for cup "Generali" this weekend

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A football tournament for cup "Generali" - for kids, born in 2003, will be held this weekend at the grounds of sports complex "Kamenitza Arena" in Burgas. Eight teams from the region will participate; they will be divided in 2 groups.

In the first are "Neftohimik", "Pomorie", "Aytos" and "Burgas sport". In the second are "Chernomorets", "Sveti Nikola", "Karnobat" and "Zvezdichka".

The competition, which is organized by Association of Bulgarian football players, board of BFU-Burgas and Municipality Burgas, begins on Saturday at 09.00 hours. On Sunday from 09.30 hours is the match for 7-8 place, after that 5-6, for 3-4, and the big finals is from 11.45 hours. The official closing and handing of awards will begin at 12.30 hours.

The matches of the 12 year old footballers will be played in 2 halves of 20 minutes each. Each team is of 18 players; on the pitch play 9. An unlimited number of changes can be made when the play is stopped. If the match ends in a draw there will be penalties. The size of the pitch is 64/38 meters. A list of the players and a compulsory medical examination before the event are needed for participation

Kid's tournament for cup "Generali" is part of the events marking "Burgas - European city of sports 2015".

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