Pool "Flora" is now open

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The open-air swimming pool “Flora” is now open and welcomes athletes and fans of the water sports from Burgas with a new look. The newest acquisition to the swimming pool is a stand, constructed outside of the pool area, with a capacity of over 300 seats. The way to the stand in before the main entrance to the pool and is free for access.

The booths, which were used by the clubs for storage of swimming utensils for training, are moved to a different spot. This allows the pool to look towards the new modern building of expo center “Flora”, which was opened two weeks ago. From the side of the alleys the view towards the sports complex is completely open. The grass areas, which during rains made the tiles around the pool dirty, are now covered.

Water polo players of club “Chernomorets” spared some of their personal time on Saturday, to help for the final preparations for opening this summer season. The athletes from Burgas painted the reserve benches, placed the parasols, place the floats in the pool, and after that played a training match.

This summer swimming pool “Flora” will host a series of prestigious competitions, among which is the traditionlal for the city international water polo tournament “Cup Burgas”. 

Последна промяна: 11:06, 09 June 2015