A new modern skate park in Burgas

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A brand new, modern skate park will please the fans of modern sports in housing complex “Izgrev”. The sport facility is specially modified for the fans of roller-skates, bikes and skateboards. The idea of the project was building an attractive spot for sports and relaxation, where citizens and guests of the city can enjoy themselves with their favorite sport or to relax in a pleasant atmosphere. Besides the sport facility, new benches, trash bins, a decorative fence and signs have been placed. The alley system is also renovated, and the green spaces have been improved. When it is ready, the skate park will be one closed system, composed of turns with a height from 1.2 to 1.6 meters, “spine” transfer, several “hip” transfers at a different angle, “bump”, 7 meter curved rail, 4 meter curved angle with a pipe, 4 meter straight rail. This modern skate park is made to give an opportunity for fast development of the newcomers and pleasant moments while riding for the “veteran” skaters.


Последна промяна: 15:06, 08 June 2015