A kid's puppet theater will entertain the youngest visitors of the Flora

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The exhibition of products for children "Big ideas for small kids" in expo center "Flora" today will feature a puppet theater.

Exactly at 18:00 hours all the children and visitors will have the chance to watch the show "Manichetata" /The tiny ones/. The play is of State puppet theater- Burgas. It is a naïve, funny, colorful and joyful story for the little tikes.

It is about how in the games of our tikes things happen, which help them grow and learn important truths about life. A story about the joy of sharing the moments with a friend, about happiness of exploring the world with a friend.

"Big ideas for small kids" continues for 4 days. In the last day of the exhibition, the children will enjoy a musical fairy-tale, which will be presented by students of the Musical school "Prof. Pancho Vladigerov", a colorful event and a disco for children.

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