192 laser diodes will "draw melodies" near the Sea casino

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"Draw me with a melody" is the newest project of Non-profit organization "Hamalogika". In the period of realizing the project, the installation will be given meaning with daily performances of talented students from the musical school "Pro. Pancho Vladigerov".

The start of the three week festival will be given on 3rd June at 20:30 hours. The original author's interactive installation, made by Martin Pavlov and Galina Milkova, transforms the sound of a classical piano into pictures of light. Intrigued by the symbiosis of art and technology, the artists have created and interactive box, with 192 laser diodes in it. These diodes react to the frequencies of the sound of the piano and draw a melody in the night. The richer the sound is, the brighter is its light analogue. Except with sound and light the installation reacts through the artistic value of the box - on it is printed an author's abstract picture, inspired by musical symbols and signs.

*The place for the piano is the terrace in front of the main entrance of Cultural center "Sea casino"

In the first night "Draw me with a melody" will present to the public an unforgettable concert of Vasil Spasov - piano and Ventsislav Blagoev - trumpet. During the other days the installation will provoke residents and guest of Burgasto experiment with music and light.

The initiative is realized with the help of Municipality Burgas and the media support of Vij! Burgas, radio POWER FM - BULGARIA, Radio Burgas.

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