Dancing robots, a pavilion of love and a kinetic cube - these are only a part of the art-installations in "Turn on the city"

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Dancing robots, a pavilion of love and a kinetic cube – these are only a part of the art-installations, which will be presented in the fourth edition of “Turn on the city”. On 13 and 14 June, for a consecutive time, the Burgas public will have a chance to get to know one of the most amazing and little known genres in art. Cultural center “Sea casino” again is the place for art-installations, which will impress the visitors with interesting forms and choreography.

Without a doubt one of the most impressive art-installations this year is the innovational computerized choreography installation of composite table, representing several robotized human figures, which dance on great background music. The movement of the machine, based on a specific program, reminds about the unstopping progress and one of the biggest human fears, concerning the new technologies.

Another accent from this year’s installations will be an unusual love pavilion that will provoke us to be better, more positive and to love the people around us. This aim is achieved by a construction in the form of a cube with mirror surface, connected to a microphone, speakers and a laptop. The man or woman in the cube has to say “I love you”. His/her voice will be recorded, after which it is transmitted to the speakers in the different corners of the cube. Every time, when the one inside turns around to face the source of the sound, he/she will see themselves, and the result is a love confession time and again. The installation will be positioned in front of the new expo center “Flora” during both festival days.

A kinetic cube, a rectangular construction with moving paintings and lots of different, interesting, known and unknown installations will be accessible to big and small, to provoke again the residents and guests of Burgas.

More information at www.vkluchigrada.com and the Facebook page.

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