Precious stones from all over the world are being shown in the Sea casino

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The sea casino gathers the radiance of over 100 precious stones, gigantic crystals, native gold and silver.

The exhibits are part of the exhibition "Treasures of the earth - crystals and precious stones", which is presented by the National museum "The Earth and the people" by the invitation of Municipality Burgas and Regional history museum.

The collection contains exhibits that have not been shown before. Such perfect crystals, as big as a human, are extremely rare in nature. Visitors will also have the chance to see the biggest piece of Bulgarian native gold, weighing at 36 grams.

In the show cases of the casino will be also extremely rare precious exotic stones like tourmaline, royal opal, scapolite, kunzite, tanzanite, cyanite, danburite and diaspore, whose price is close to that of diamonds.

9 gigantic crystals from Brazil will be presented as a part of the exhibition. The heaviest of them weighs 300 kg. and for the first time leaves the permanent exhibition in Sofia. They are unique in their size and form, which have formed in the span of millions of years in large cracks in the Earth's crust. The opening of the exhibition is on 3 June from 18:30 hours in hall "Al. G. Kodjakafaliyata" in the Sea casino. Only then residents and guests will have the chance to see the exhibits for free, in the period 19:00 to 22:00 hours.

The working time of the exhibition is from 10:30 to 20:30. The prices are 5 lv. for adults, students - 2 lv., pensioners - 2 lv. Kids up to 7 years and people with disabilities - free of tax.

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