Palaeontological meeting with an exhibition of fossils this weekend in Burgas

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On 30 and 31 May from 10:00 to 19:00 hours in the Natural science museum in Burgas will be held “Paleo meeting – exhibition” with an opportunity for exchange or/and buying of models of fossils by visitors.

The forthcoming exhibition and meeting of amateur paleontologists is a continuation of the efforts of the museum specialists from Natural science museum Burgas for creating a fund and a permanent exhibition “Fossils”, which was opened in the Night of museums on 16 May.

Until now amateur paleontology in Bulgaria is tolerated by the scientific institutions, but with some res – the apprehension, that valuable findings will be ruined by amateurs or “sink” in private collections are among the main arguments “against”. From another view point institutional paleontology does not have the resources for regular field works and numerous valuables are gradually destroyed by the forces of nature.

The forthcoming exhibition in the Natural science museum in Burgas will be the first such event aimed at fossils and combining the interests of museums with those of the amateur paleontologists. The participants will have the chance to show their most interesting findings, to exchange information and examples. Visitors will be able to touch remains of long lost animals and plants and to learn more about them.

Among them are the gigantic fossilized snails and mussels from Kraymorie, which residents of Burgas will see for the first time after conservation.

The co-organizers of club “Amateur paleontology in Bulgaria” from Varna are hoping this first of a kind short exhibition to give the start of amateur exhibitions of fossils in different museums around the whole coumtry.

The Natural science museum offers promotional prices for the paleo weekend: the entrance fees is 2 lv. for adults, and free for children.

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