The actress Boyka Velkova presents "The road of Aphrodite" in NHK

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 “The road of Aphrodite” is the provocative title of the play, which the talented actress Boyka Velkova will present in front of the audience in Burgas. The play can be seen on the 1st June from 19:00 in Cultural home of the oil chemist.

One woman and one actress meet on the stage, to lend each other a hand, to confess some secrets, to tell some funny stories and to state their taste for the arts, the food and the strength of the whispered words. Will they succeed in forgiving one another?

“The road of Aphrodite” is a story for the joy of life, for the little things, which we enjoy, about the connection between the sins and the spiritual enlightenment.

Boyka Velkova’s place among the best actress in Bulgaria is well deserved. She has graduated from National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts in the class of prof. Dimitrina Gyurova, late specializes in the theatrical institute “Lee Strasberg” in New York.

Author’s idea and conception: Boyka Velkova

Scenography:Venelin Shurelov and Martin Penev

Musical background: Teodosiy Spasov

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