Friday - the last chance to register in the first sand marathon in Bulgaria

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Nearly 11 km. barefoot running on the sea shore announced with a video the first sand marathon in Bulgaria, organized by the Club for adventurous sports "Zelena stapka" /Green step/. The competition "Kamchiyski pyasatsi", which will be held on 31 May along the longest sand strip in the country, near the outflow of river Kamchiya, does not have a comparison in the Bulgarian sports calendar. It is the first competition, that popularizes the barefoot running as a natural form of movement in an unaffected by civilization environment and opportunity for people to train and to have fun while in nature, without damaging it.

The motto "The only traces, which will be left (briefly), will be the steps in the sand", puts the stress on the ecology, and the sports event aims to attract the public attention for preserving of nature's beauties in their natural form and the need to protect the zone around Kamchiya.

The route of the marathon includes protected zone "Kamchiyski pyasatsi" /Kamchiya sands/ with the unique combination of dunes and dense forests. It includes also the passing of the outflow of river Kamchiya, which crosses the route kilometers after the start. The passing of the river will be marked and secured by lifeguards, ropes and lifejackets, and for those who do not want to get wet, there will be boats and water-wheels, to cross the river in comfort.

Every participant decides on his own to run barefoot or whith shoes along the coastline on the decided route - long (21 km) and short (10 km). For kids there will be a special 2 km route, which will not pass through the river.

After the precursory entering in the event, the registration for the marathon "Kamchiya sands" will continue until Friday. The tax for participating in the competition, until 29 May included, is 25 leva with a precursory registration at the site of the organizers. A registration on place is also considered; it will cost 30 leva, and it will only be in effect until the depletion of starting numbers, which are guaranteed for those, who have registered and paid beforehand.

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Video of the route:

The organizers: Club "Green step" popularizes the healthy way of life and the adventurous sport. Except "Kamchiyski sands" the club carries out the competitions Easter cros in Razgrad and Ludogorski marathon and bike ride (will be held on 26.07.2015). The club organizes weekly events, as park, city and nature runnings.

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