Central beach again offers free parasols, lounges and sports opportunities

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Central beach, which is managed by Municipality Burgas, will offer again this year lots of comfort for a nice and relaxing rest. The season starts at June 1st, and residents and guests of the city will be able to use for free 250 parasols and 150 lounges.

From the beginning of the next month on the beach will start working 5 lifeguard posts. They will be handled by 10 lifeguards and 1 senior lifeguard. Along with them there will be a medic and the needed apparatuses for administering first aid. From July the lifeguards will be increased to 15 people, which will guarantee the complete safety of the beach during the busy summer months.

The beach will be equipped with the needed number of showers and cabins. At all the entrances there will be sanitary spots. Free access will be provided for the needs of people with disabilities.

Till now two disinfections have been made, and this week a thorough cleaning of the beach will be made.

Sports are always a part of the summer season at this location. Central beach will have 2 football, 2 volleyball fields and two places for beach tennis. Different sports meetings from the sports calendar of Municipality Burgas will happen there. 

Последна промяна: 11:05, 26 May 2015