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The match France - Germany is from 20:00 hours; the entrances to the sports complex will be closed 60 minutes before that

Tonight will a true holiday for residents and guests of the city. From 20:00 hours on "Lazur" stadium begins the long-awaited final of the U17 European football championship. For the title will battle the most worthy teams - Germany and France. The cup will be given to the winners personally by the president of UEFA Michel Platini.

Big fireworks will mark an attractive end of one championship of the young hopes and future stars of European football. The closing program of Euro 2015 will start at 18:30 hours. In it 500 children from Burgas are participating.

According to a requirement of UEFA the entrances of stadium "Lazur" will be closed exactly at 19:00 hours. This is done for safety reasons, because thousands of spectators are expected to come to the sports complex.  

The tickets are at the symbolic price of 2 leva. They will be on sale today from 12:00 hours at ticket booth 1 of stadium "Lazur". At 17:30 the other ticket booths will be opened.

Except Michel Platini in the box of stadium "Lazur" will be a big number of stars of European and Bulgarina football. It is confirmed that Zinedine Zidane will be present, privately. The legendary footballer comes to Burgas, because he is the father of the French goalkeeper - Luca Zidane.

The VIP presence is supplemented by the president of the sports association of European capitals and cities Gian Francesco Lupattelli. He will award Michel Platini for the development of mass sports and football on the continent and for his contribution to society by promoting the values and advantages of the active way of life.

The presidents of the French and German football unions are arriving for the final.

In Burgas is also the ambassador of Euro 2015 Stiliyan Petrov. The vice-presidents of BFU Atanas Furnadjiev and Mihail Kasabov, members of the executive committee, among which Emil Kostadinov and Yordan Lechkov, the trainers of the Bulgarian national team Ivaylo Petev, of the youth U21 team Antoni Zdravkov and the U19 team Svetlio Todorov will also be present.

Scouts from leading clubs from Europe, managers from different countries will watch carefully the game of the young hopes of French and German football.

The 10 played games on stadium "Lazur", from the group stage, quarter-finals and semi-finals of Euro 2015, were a true holiday. The culmination, without a doubt, will be the match tonight. Each of the two sides has won the tournament once. The French won in 2004. Then in the French team were playing Karim Benzema and Samir Nasri. In 2009 the Germany team triumphed with Mario Goetze in the squad.

There is not much time left before the big football show in Burgas. Get ready! Burgas - "European city sports 2015".


Author: Velizar Madjarov

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