A flock of pink flamingos were seen over the area "Poda"

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Twelve pink flamingos have passed through the protected area “Poda” close to Burgas. This was announced by the Bulgarian association for protection of birds. The bird pink flamingo has been seen in Bulgarian on very rare occasions. Usually the birds have been seen alone or in groups of 6 to 10.

The flock passed over the northern part of the protected area and has continued in the direction of Atanasovsko lake, where the salty waters offer great conditions for these birds. Between 3 and 5 flamingos have been settling for the last 2 years in the region of Burgas wet areas, explain from the association. The experts from the association are sure, that the birds will attract a big interest from the residents and guests of the city. 

Последна промяна: 13:05, 20 May 2015