The sculpture of the Burgas legend Petko Blagoev is ready

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The sculpture of the Burgas city legend Peptko Blagoev is cast. Now it needs to be patinated and to be prepared for exhibiting. This way Pandira /Petko’s nickname/ will have the chance to get a nice tan. The sculpture is made by the artist Rusi Kostadinov after a tough two round competition last year.

It is expected that Pandira will take his place at the entrance of the pier in June; the place is one of the favorite places for a stroll of residents and guests of Burgas. Several days after this the sculpture of Georgi Kaloyanchev will be placed. It will be located at a special location near the entrance of the Summer theater.

The two – Kaloyanchev and Pandira, were favorites of generations of Burgas citizens and the bohemians; they were regular characters in the summer attractions along the beach in the city. Pandira took out the boat of Kaloyanchev, who was playing the god Neptune, and after the wise-cracker played the role of the barber of the sea lord.

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