The best in track-and-field athletes are coming in Sunday for the tournament "Cup Burgas"

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The best track-and-field athletes in Bulgaria will participate in the 3rd edition of the prestigious tournament “Cup Burgas”. It will be held on Sunday at sports complex “Slaveikov”. The official start is at 12:45 hours.

Organizers of the tournament are track-and-field club “Evropul” and Municipality Burgas. The event is part of the program to mark “Burgas – European city of sports”.

A total of 95 top athletes from 25 clubs, 3 of them being from Burgas, will be a part of the tournament. Among them is athlete N1 of Bulgaria for 2014 Georgi Ivanov, as well as 15 acting champions of the country, 16 national athletes, 3 national record holders, 5 participants in Olympic games and 3 medalists from world and European tournaments.


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