Burgas Will Have Catamaran "LEVANTY" to Seven Months

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Burgas Municipality signed officially a contract for passenger ship which will transport tourists to "St. Anastasia" Island.

The company that won municipal competition is "Glass - Dimov, Dimova and Co." -  Tsarevo. In a period of seven months catamaran "Levanty", model "CSP 175", will start to serve the tourist route from the project for Cultural-Historical heritage of "St. Anastasia" island.

"Burgas is the first municipality with its own ship. I believe that the new service is a major step for one modern tourist vision, which we'll offer" - this is the opinion of Mayor Dimitar Nikolov.

The ship has a capacity of 110 passengers and crew of 4 people. Also it has an indoor lounge, second deck and places for seating. All seats are ergonomically designed for maximum comfort. The equipment includes: bar for hot and cold drinks in the cabin, air-conditioning, radio and Wi-Fi. During the journey the passengers will receive information about the area, curious sights, information about atmospheric conditions on special plasma TVs.

It is thought for the transportation and service for people with disabilities - extra space for passengers in wheelchairs, it is provided opportunity for access to the deck and free detour around the ship.

The vehicle meets all requirements and standards for passenger ships.

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