The poetess Violeta Hristova presents her new book “Edna ampula mrak” /One phial of darkness/ in the Casino

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The new book of the poetess Violeta Hristova “One phial of darkness“ will be presented in front of a Burgas audience today at 18:00 hours in hall “Georgi Baev” in the Cultural center “Sea casino”.

Violeta Hristova is born in Chirpan. She lives and works in Sofia. She is an author of eight poetry books. Verses from her poetry have been printed in almost every Bulgarian literature magazines and newspapers and are included in different national anthologies. She is the winner of the prize of competition “At the foot of Vitosha” 2009 and others. “One phial of darkness” is a publication of Literature circle “Smisal” /Sense/. Editor of the book is the poetess Valentina Radinska, and painter is the young Ina Hristova – daughter of the author. This family tandem has made several books together.

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