Five courses a day to island St. Anastasia from the 1st of May

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One of the biggest tourist attractions of Burgas starts welcoming tourist again this week. The trips to island St. Anastasia are starting from 1 May. Every day the two ferries “Anastasia” and “Cook” will transport tourists five times a day. They will set out from Sea station, and they will stay for 2 hours on the island.

A travel reservation can be done for the municipal ferry “Anastasia” at phone number 0882 00 41 24 or email, every day from 09:00 to 17:00 hours, least one day before the planned date for visit of the island. You can read about the details for reservation at the official site:  

Here is the full travel schedule to island St. Anastasia:

Schedule 01-31 May 2015

Departure from Sea station – Burgas:

10:00 hours – ferry “Anastasia”

11:00 hours – ferry “Cook”

13:30 hours – ferry “Anastasia”

15:00 hours – ferry “Cook”

17:30 hours – ferry "Anastasia"

Departure from the Island:

12:30 hours – ferry “Anastasia”

13:30 hours – ferry “Cook”

16:00 hours – ferry “Anastasia”

17:30 hours –  ferry "Cook"

20:00 hours – ferry “Anastasia”

Time on the island: 2 hours

Duration of the travel: 30-40 min. in one direction.

The departure is from Sea station, which can be reached on foot, by car or bike, on the road to the old Frigate in the Sea garden.

The tickets are sold on place, on the ferry.

The prices until 15 June are:

9 lv. (standard ticket)

6 lv. (for students and pensioners)

7lv./ per person (for groups above 20 people)

Free (for kids under 7 and people with disabilities).

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