Nedyalko Yordanov Presents His Anniversary Project in Burgas Opera House

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The famous Burgas poet will celebrate 50 years of creative work in theater with the premiere performance "The Stage is My Home".

The anniversary confession will be presented to the citizens of Burgas this Saturday /the 14th of December/ at 19.00 o'clock in hall of the Opera House.

In his hometown the poet creates some of the best memorable plays and songs for generations of Bulgarians.

Almost 30 years Nedyalko Yordanov has given to the Burgas Theater. Among his most famous pieces are "Unexplained Love", "One for All, All for One", "Mata Hari", "We Don't Believe in storks" and children's "Dangerous Adventures with Sweet Characters" and "Scary Jokes for Heroes with Tails".

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