Students participated in an eco campaign for planting of young trees in Primary school "Anton Strashimirov"

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In the Primary school “Anton Strashimirov” was held a campaign for afforestation of the school’s courtyard. The initiative is dedicated to the week of eco schools in Bulgaria from the Bulgarian movement “Bluf flag”, whose long time member is school “Anton Strashimirov”.

More than 100 students and their parents participated in the planting of more than 30 trees of different types: salix babylonica, red oak, sycamore, tilia tomentosa, oriental plane, field maple. The funds for the financing are from project of the Global forest fund from Foundation for ecological education (FEE) for compensating the CO2. For participation in the project the school was approved by the International coordination of the Program “We study about the forest” and Bulgarian movement “Blue flag”.

For the realization of the idea students and teachers from Primary school “Anton Strashimirov” carried out a series of discussions. Lectures were presented about the significance of trees and their role in cleaning the air, especially in industrial cities like Burgas. This way the idea for raising the botanical knowledge of students and their health culture has gone underway. The aestheticizing of the school environment, the creation of work habits by planting and caring for plants are a way to educate in a civilized urban behavior in young people.

лекции за значението на дърветата за прочистване на въздуха, особено в индустриалните градове като Бургас. Така получи зелена светлина идеята за повишаване на ботаническото познание на подрастващите, на здравната им култура. Естетизирането на учебната среда, създаването на трудови навици чрез засаждане и грижи за растенията са начин за възпитаване на цивилизовано градско поведение у младите хора.


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