Here is what the bio market has to offer this Sunday

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The farmers market for ecologically clean and bio production awaits you again this Sunday from 13:00 to 17:00 at the “SLAVEIKOVO PAZARCHE” market.

On the 26th of April will be offered the following produce:

- “Halalitsa”, Iskra village, Plovdiv – milk products

- Buffalo farm, Shtraklevo village - buffalo milk and meat products

- Sheep farm Dobrogled village, Varna – sheep and cow yoghourt, cow cheese, cream cheese, cow butter

- "Toplata furna" - Stara Zagora bread with wild yeast

- Spelt temptations, Varna - bread with yeast, flour, boza and pastries from spelt

- Teodora Mishlenkova - mursalski tea and kombucha

- “Aromatic boutique bio farm Pavlovi”, Dobromir village, Plovdiv – hears, fresh and packaged spices, spices in flowerpots, ice tea, food dressing

- Domaine Trifonov - wine from bio aronia

- “Grandfather Dimo’s homemade wine”, Popovets village – made with a traditional method from 1930 from Rhodope bio grapes, in a small home winery, matured in oak casks

- "Dobrudjanska Zimnica" - honey, halva with honey, wine from raspberry, juice from chokeberry

- Tatiana Kovacheva with ground baked sesame-seed and products from it, “bouquets” from green onion, dock, nettle, nectaroscordum, shepherd’s purse, dandelion, alfalfa, pennyroyal

- Vanya Dimitrova – kernel paste from raw kernels

- "ViM Produktion", Ruse - pressed cooking oil, black cummin, hemp oil, flax oil

- "Bio Dio", Montana - bio apple vinegar, juice, nectrar from peaches

- "Zelena pateka" - cosmetics with moringa oil, oil from cucumber seeds

- Yana Nikolova with handmade soap 

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