The painter Nikolay Dubarov marks his 60 year anniversary with an exhibition

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The painter Nikolay Dubarov will mark his 60 year anniversary with an exhibition. The exhibiton is called “Visual sharings”. It will open on Thursday from 6.00 p.m. in the gallery of Aleksandrovska str. 22.

In the exhibition Dubarov will present 30 of his best works. It includes aquarelle, stained glass works and others.

Nikolay Bubarov works in the field of monumental arts – mosaics, fresco, secco, monumental plastic, interior and exterior design. His professional quests are related to finding the perfect synthesis between architecture and art – harmony, which is at the base of his creative work. This is why his works are an inseparable part of the surroundings, in which they are placed, and the whole interiors and exteriors, which he creates, are complete works of art.

The author has realized over 30 independent monumental works in different techniques, the complete design of lots of public spaces – offices, hotels, restaurants and homes, the newest from them being the Burgas Free University, Sea park Tsarevo  and many more. He has participated in lots of exhibitions and competitions on national and international level.

Nikolay Dubarov works as a head expert – painter in department “Planting” in Municipality Burgas.

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