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“SAFARI WITH A CAMERA” is the theme, which inspires the authors of the eighth edition of Festival of the sand sculptures, organized by Municipality Burgas. Behind the interesting title are “lurking” dozens of figures of exotic animals from different continents and eras.

The most interesting representatives of “the wild” will be made by talented hands of three sculptors from Russia, two from Ukraine, and others from Poland, Portugal, Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Slovakia, Australia and Turkey. Sculptors from Bulgaria will also show their mastery and professionalism.

On Wednesday /22 April/ begins the treatment of the sand and preparation of the terrain – the well-known place of park “Ezero”, near the stables.

Except the big sand sculptures, there will be additional surprises and adventures for kids and adults. Expect “SAFARI WITH A CAMERA” during the summer!

The festival of sand sculptures is a key annual event for Burgas. Every year the attendance is rising, and in 2014 it passed 100 000 people.

“The event creates unforgettable memories for kids and presents themes for great photos, with which to adorn your album. Welcome to Burgas!” – With these words the mayor Dimitar Nikolov sends his welcoming invitation to the tourists from Bulgaria and abroad.

*The pictures are from the previous festivals

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