Students from Burgas are getting hooked up on lacrosse

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Lacrosse is not a well-known sport in Bulgaria, but it already has fans in Burgas. In the high school with extensive study in English works the American Chase Filp. Not only he teaches English, he has also stirred students to play this unpopular for Bulgaria sport. In Bulgaria there are only three lacrosse teams. One of them is from Burgas and it has a number of participations in sports meetings.

Lacrosse is called “the fastest sport on two legs” and has a north-American origin. The Indian tribes played it as a way to solve peacefully quarrels. The European settlers learned the game, adapted it and now, hundreds of years later; lacrosse is played all over the world. The point of the game is to take possession, carry and pass a rubber ball with a special stick and score a goal in the opponents net. Lacrosse is considered as a good way for keeping fit. 

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