The first 6 interactive terminals for the rent-a-bike system will start working in May

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The kiosks will have advanced options, accept payment with a card and signal in case of emergency.

The first 6 interactive terminals for the new rent-a-bike system in Burgas will start working from May. They will be installed near the bike stands at the Flora, Graphic base, Sea casino, Burgas Free University, Bus station South, bul, Trakiya /”Slaveikov” housing complex/.

Through the kiosks you can rent a bicycle and at the same time to get some information about the city, the cultural program, the landmarks and attractions, which you can visit.

“The biggest advantage of the new “smart” machines is that they offer the option to signal in case of an emergency. As a tourist city, which increases several times its population during the summer, this is an addition possibility to guarantee the security of the tourists and the residents of Burgas” said the mayor Dimitar Nikolov.

3 are the possibilities for payment for this year – through velo card, debit card or credit card and through sending a short text message.

At the kiosks the first two payment methods are available.                                           

A total of 13 interactive terminals will be installed in the city territory until the start of the season.

The bike park will be replaced completely. 120 brand new bikes will replace the old ones. They are from a higher class, with excellent technical characteristics and lots of functionalities, which guarantee comfort and safety. Rickshaws for kids are considered.

The new maneuverable bikes will be made especially for Municipality Burgas.

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