A drone will watch over the Atanasovsko Lake

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The team LIFE+ from the project “Salt of life” will show the new for Bulgaria surveillance technology and evaluation from the air thanks to a drone. The condition of the lagoon of the Atanasovsko Lake will be watched over with the flying machine, which helps in transferring information fast, when different problems strike: flooding, destroyed infrastructure, broken grounds, pollution, death of birds and others. The beautiful images and video clips from the air will be used also for popularizing of the nature rich lake.

The drone will fly on 19 April from 11.00 hours from the bird watching station (at the exit of Burgas, in the direction of Sarafovo). It was bought for the project of Bulgarian Foundation Biodiversity “Lagoon in the eye of a bird – eco drone”, financed through a donor program. A little before the launch of the drone, in the area around the station at 10.00,  will be he “Lagoon clean jamboree” for cleaning from dead vegetation and garbage.

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