In Burgas Art Gallery "Petko Zadgorski" are showing "Impressions from Cuba"

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Today /Wednesday/ at 18:00 hours in Burgas Art Gallery “Petko Zadgorski” will be the start of the jubilee photo exhibition “Impressions from Cuba”. Its author is architect Nikolay Popov (1914-1973). He is one of the founders of the Bulgarian art photography, a bright and distinctive talent, one of the classicists of Bulgarian photo art. In 1951 he was awarded with the title “photographer artist” and in 1961 for he is awarded with the title EFIAP – excellence of the International federation of photo art. For two decades he has proven himself as a photographer artist with a big general and artistic knowledge, bright artistic individuality, with an original expression and style, a thin esthetical sense, psychological depth, poetic sensitivity, ability for ideal and artistic summaries.

His creative work, one unique graphic world, is valued not only as artistic heritage from a passed stage in the development of Bulgarian photography, but also because in it we find works with permanent, intransient value. Establishing itself on the principles of one “exalted” realism, architect Popov re-creates reality through esthetical filtration, which does not idealize and prettifies things, but keeps their primary beauty. He shows us things, which everyone looks at, but not all see them!

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