"POLETI" a colorful wave in the Ethnographic museum

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On 15.04.2015 (Wednesday) from 5 p.m. in the Ethnographic museum (Slavyanska str. 69), the exhibition “Poleti” of Art school “PystroSvet” led by Darina Koleva will open.

It is created from an idea of association “Spiritual mirror”, which has visited Vienna (28.02. to 03.03.2015) and Budapest (04.03. to 08.03.2015).

The works, made from wool with an old authentic technique, represent birds, butterflies and suns. The authors are students from Burgas age from 7 to 13.

The exhibition is called “Poleti”(Fly away), because it symbolizes the impetuosity, the everlasting human impulse toward light, beauty, joy and hope.

Последна промяна: 13:04, 14 April 2015