The park near the Clock turns into a paint shop for eggs

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On Holy Thursday (09.04.) from 11 a.m. in the park near the Clock, Regional history museum and Municipality Burgas organizes “Easter paint shop”.

Representatives of the ethnographical groups: ruptsi, tronki and zagortsi from municipality Sredets will show the residents and guests of Burgas how to paint eggs with natural dyes (nettle, nutshells, hellebore, beetroot and others)

The modern techniques won’t be skipped, with which the kids get carried away in this mysterious and family moment – the painting of the Easter eggs, as a tribute to Christ. According to folk tradition the painting of eggs is led by the oldest woman in the family. That is why the elderly women from Dyulevo and Sredets will present authentic techniques to students from high school “Ivan Vazov” with instructor Milka Deskova.

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