"La Scala" Wants to Open Academy in Burgas

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Representatives from the world famous Opera house/Theater “La Scala” showed interest in creating a higher education academy for scenic arts. At the meeting with the mayor Dimitar Nikolov they presented their idea and looked for his support.

The idea is of partnership principle “La Scala”, The Municipality and Opera house in Burgas to create a project, with which to apply for European funding. With the European funds an academic center will be build, which will offer higher education to students, and master classes to specialists with diplomas in the art.

In the center will be use the whole methodology of “La Scala” to improve and modernize the creative qualification in music, scenography, management and dance.

The mayor Nikolov expressed his support of the project and the ambition to work for the endorsement of Burgas as a national center for scenic arts. The representatives of Milan’s “La Scala” stressed out, that they have chosen the city because of the traditions and the great reputation Burgas has in the sphere of opera and ballet, but also because of its geographical location. They hinted at the potential of the academy to attract for training specialists from Greece, Turkey, and Russia and as a whole from the East. From “La Scala” gave an example with the realized similar projects in Bucharest, with the National Opera of Romania, and in Rio de Janeiro, in the last 3 years.

At today’s meeting were present the deputy mayor of European politics Atanaska Nikolova, Aleksandar Tekeliev – director of Burgas Opera house, as well as Dimitar Madjarov – director of municipal enterprise “Summer theater, festivals and concerts”. They entered a working communication with the team from “La Scala”, to start the preparations for the joint project.

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