The classic "Romeo and Juliet" on the scene in Burgas

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The timeless masterpiece by Shakespeare “Romeo and Juliet” comes to the Burgas scene. The Theater of the Bulgarian army (from Sofia) visits Burgas at the 22nd of April, in the Opera house. The classical play by the great writer is a passionate protest against the hatred, violence and animosity in society. The shared feelings by the lovers Romeo and Juliet are one exceptionally pure, magical and holy form of love, which has transformed the heroes in archetypal young lovers. The absolute antithesis is the destructive conflict, which is led by their faimilies – Capulet and Montague, who have torn Verona with hate and cruelty, possessed by power and greed. The truthfulness of this renaissance play is valid for today, presenting as a demon the destructive force of hatred and turning into a saint and a martyr the love between Romeo and Juliet.

“Romeo and Juliet” will be played on 22.04.2015 from 19:00 in the Opera house. Tickets are available at the ticket kiosks.

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