Today traditional lazarki girls performed a naming ritual for good luck

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Folklore songs were heard at square “Atanas Sirekov”, in front of Municipality Burgas. Young girls, dressed in traditional dresses and wreathes of flowers in their hair performed the ritual “Lazaruvane”. They named for good health and luck for the whole of Burgas and were responsible for the good mood of the audience.

“Be healthy and lively, always with such smiles and study hard.” – wished them the deputy mayor of finances Krasimir Stoichev. He welcomed the lazarki girls and by old Bulgarian tradition gave them baskets with sweets.

The girls were part of folklore formation “Aleni bojurcheta” from the town of Sredets, with director Zlatka Stavreva and folklore group from community center “Svetlina”. The youngest girl was the 7 year old Daniela, who is a student in Debelt village.

According to folk beliefs, at the home where lazarki girls have sang and danced, the year will be plentiful, the nature – generous, and the owners – happy.

St. Lazar’s Day is a Christian holiday, which carries the name of St. Lazar. The name Lazar is a symbol of health and longevity. Lazar was a friend of Jesus Christ. When he died, 40 days after his death he was resurrected. God said “Lazar, stand up!”, and resurrects Lazar, who comes out of his tomb.

St. Lazar’s day is celebrated on the 8th day before Easter. Because the date of Ester is decided from the lunar calendar, not the solar, St.Lazar’s day is on a different date every year, but always on Saturday. The holiday brings spring mood and is expected with eagerness, by both the participants and the residents of towns and villages. It was believed, that a girl who hasn’t been a lazarka will not be able to marry. This is why every village girl was expected to “lazaruva”.


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