A reconstruction of the Summer theater to be done in June

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In June starts the transformation of the Summer Theater. The large scale reconstruction will be realized, after Municipality Burgas won a project of program "Beautiful Bulgaria".

The construction works will begin in June. They will include a change of the flooring, improvement of the porches and replacement of the old lighting with a new one. The comfort of the visitors is also taken into consideration. The old, uncomfortable wooden benches will be replaced by comfortable single seats.

Special attention in the project is directed at the people with disabilities. The modernization includes the building of a specialized railing and ramp for unobstructed movement. The full reconstruction will be done at the northern end of the theater. The existing ground levels will be removed in order to make a leveled stage, on which there will be room for 12 wheel chairs.

We remind you that in 2013 on the project of Municipality Burgas for energy efficiency, in the Summer Theater other construction works were done. Then a whole reconstruction of the façade, the stage and the inner rooms was made. A modern chiller system was placed, which ensures cool air during the summer and heat in winter, so the reception halls and studios can be used for the different events during the winter months.

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