Two-way bike line will connect the Sea Garden and Burgas salt pans

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A two-way bike path will connect the Sea garden with the salt pans near Burgas. The total length is 1.7 km and construction will start during the month of May. The salt pans have attracted citizens of Burgas and tourist for years thanks to their healing properties.

The bike path will allow cyclists to travel more freely and in comfort to their place of relaxation. This new alley will be 2 meters wide. Transverse and longitudinal columns will be built, that will allow an unhindered drainage of the rain water. The beginning of the new bike path will be conformable to the end of the existing old bike path in the Sea garden.

In the project are also included a total reconstruction of Kraibrejna str., in the area from the Sea garden to “Black sea salt works”. The street will be widened to the existing concrete wall. A complete cleaning of the beach, which runs along the length of the street, is also considered. 

Последна промяна: 09:03, 25 March 2015