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The farmers market for ecologically clean bioproduction awaits you again this Sunday from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. at the "Slaveikovo pazarche" market with a rich program - there will be drinking of Live water and painting on a easel with crayons to mark the World Water Day. Each visitor of the market will have a chance to personally plant a seed and raise it at home.


You are welcome on the 22nd of March, to meet with:

- Teodora Mishlenkova - mursalski tea and kombucha

- "Halalica", Iskra village, Plovdiv - milk products

- "Aromatic boutique biofarm Pavlovi" - herbs, spices, teas

- Buffalo farm, Shtraklevo village - buffalo milk and meat products

- "Toplata furna" - Stara Zagora bread with wild yeast

- Petar Petrov - kvasenica and humus

- Georgi and Monika, Varna - bread, flour, boza and pastries from spelt and chick-peas

- "Sladka rabotilnica", Sliven - juices, syrups, jams

- "Bio Dio", Montana - bio apple vinegar, juice, nectrar from peaches

- "Izvorche" - herb ointments and salves

- "Dobrudjanska Zimnica" - honey, halva with honey, wine from raspberry, juice from chokeberry

- "ViM Produktion", Ruse - pressed cooking oil, black cummin, hemp oil, flax oil

- "Zelena pateka" - cosmetics with moringa oil, oil from cucumber seeds

- "Trastena" - bio raspberry wine Malina and Merlo

- Wine from bio aronia

- Charity initiative "Live water for our kids"

- Campaign "Spring on the market!" - Planting of seeds /vegetables and spices/

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