The national tour “A way for everyone” starts in Burgas

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10 cities, 35 talents from Burgas, impressive pyro effects and gripping musical emotion offers dance formation "Petlite" (Roosters) in their newest project "A way for everyone". The premiere performance will be in Burgas, in the Cultural Home of the oil chemist, at 7 p.m. on the 1st of April. The tour will go on until the 1st of June. This was revealed at the press conference that was held today.

"Thanks to the fast and adequate intervention of Municipality Burgas, we succeeded in participating in the famous show "Bulgaria is looking for talent"" said Georgi Dimitrov, producer of dance formation "Petlite".

12 of the youths, who are participating in the show "A way for everyone", are students of the Center for lodging of family type in the "Slaveikov" housing esate. The other 23 kids are a part of the Latino dance club "Burgas Dolphin", with choreographer Teodora Yonova.

"The oldest dancer will soon turn 17, and the youngest is 12. All the kids are integrating wonderfully, they have confidence and await the next event with eagerness" - said Tinka Gicheva, director of the Center for lodging of family type.

The center in Slaveikov was the first, which the Municipality opened, after closing the orphanage "A. G. Kodjakafaliyata". We share every success of "Petlite", that is why till the last moment we pursued the schedule and prepared the legal permits for participating in the prestigious format "Bulgaria is looking for talent", explained Maya Kazandzhieva, director of administration "Social activities, public health care and sport" in Municipality Burgas.

Dance formation "Petlite" is preparing to surprise its fans. In the yearly schedule there is one more tour and a big concert in NDK hall, along with the prima of the opera Raina Kabaivanska. At this moment negotiations are being held with the most famous Bulgarian soprano.

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