New unique bikes and interactive terminals will replace current rent-a-bike system

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There will be rickshaws for children.

120 brand new bicycles with excelent technical characteristics and a number of options, guaranteeing comfort and safety, will replace the bikes, which Municipality Burgas rented out for the last 2 years. They have a modern and original design and will be manufactured exclusively for Municipality Burgas. The new bikes are of higher class, with built in gears and more maneuverable tires. There will be also rickshaws for children.

The modern automated system for renting bicycles "VeloBurgas" is essential for the country and was introduced in 2013. Since then it has been improved and offers more convenience for those who want to rent a bike, and new features have been integrated in the menu.

"Our idea is for the new interactive terminals to be used not only for renting of bikes, but also for popularizing of useful information about the city. Without a doubt the biggest plus will be the option to signal the call center in case of an emergency" explained the mayor Dimitar Nikolov. He specified that through the 13 new multifunctional modules, you will be able to pay your bike rent using a credit or debit card or the special velocards. The option to pay via a mobile phone short message will remain.

The mechanism for locking the bicycles will also be new. Each one will be parked on an individual module.

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