Social enterprise “Draw me a smile” announces competition for making of doll souvenir, symbol of Burgas

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Social enterprise “Draw me a smile” announced a competition for making a doll –souvenir symbol of Burgas. Last week the Association”Cancer patients and friends”- Burgas won the grand prize in the competition for the best business plan. The prize fund will be used as starting capital to start-up the social enterprise in which cancer patients will work.

The competition is open to all citizens without age restrictions, who love to create. Anyone can send a doll that meets the following requirements:

- To be handmade / it`s allowed to use a sewing machine/;

-To be made of environmentally friendly materials;

- To dominate textile materials;

-To be suitable for production / as complexity and cost /;

- To have a souvenir nature;

- To carry an emotional charge, inspired by experience or memory of our beautiful seaside town.


All participants in the competition must be presented within March 27, 2015:

- A Handmade doll;

- Patterns of the doll;

- A description of the materials;

- Description of the technology for making the doll;

- The name of the doll;

- A personal message, in which to share their impressions of Burgas and the Sea, and to declare their permission the model to be given to the social enterprise for production;

- Address and telephone;

Jury of representatives of the Association “Cancer patients and friends”, of Municipality of Burgas, artists and designers will select the winners and will distribute the prize money of 200 lev. Awarded models will immediately go into production to entertain our friends and guests of Burgas during the forthcoming summer season. One of the dolls will be presented as the symbol of Burgas.

We expect the crafted dolls at: Burgas, 104 “Democracy” Str., Association “Cancer patients and friends”.

Social enterprise”Draw me a smile” announces a competition for five workplaces for cancer patients that will make the dolls in their homes.

Everyone can submit their job application, CV, and attached an expert decision about the disease within 15.03.2015 on the address of the Association.

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