The exhibition "Stones of the Future" is already open

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The photographer Boyko Boev presents the exhibition ``Stones of the future``. It is positioned at ``Georgi Baev`` hall at Culture Center ``Sea Casino``. The entrance is free.

Boyko Boev was born in Pleven. 5 years ago he completed his work on the project ``Rock paintings``. After that he made an exhibition at the Museum ``Earth and Man`` in Sofia. Thanks to this exposure he was invited by the Photographic Academy ``Yanka Darakchieva`` and participated in their project. ``Portfolio``.

In 2012, for the second time by his exhibition Still, not Tumbling Pebbles he shows his poetic feeling for nature and the universe. The pictures are again part of the ``Rock paintings``, which the author connects with the idea of nature and man's relationship to it.

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