"The Old Fregata" with new hope for renovation

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In the end of 2013 Burgas Municipality announced that the former restaurant "The Old Fregata" will be renovated to meet the visitors of Burgas. More than a year later the gostly remains of the ships look more like a memory of a shipwreck. But there is still hope - the project will be implemented.

According to the Mayor there should be a new restaurant on the beach. It should be opened in the summer - reconstructed and renovated. The problem is that the future restaurant is placed on private property that does not fall under the juristiction of the local administration.

"The Municipality has done everything that is in its power to help the implementation of the project. The land and the structure is a private property and they should be managed by the rightful owner. We hope that there will be build new restaurant", said mayor Nikolov.

Последна промяна: 13:02, 12 February 2015