Mayor Dimitar Nikolov Met with representatives of the tourism industry

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"The problems in the tourism are too many, but the municipality makes efforts to use every little detail to attract visitors." This was said by mayor Dimitar Nikolov on a meeting with the tourism industry.

"Our efforts are target to change the image about Burgas - we want to convince the tourist that they should visit the city, not only to pass it away. The tourists may visit the new tourist attractions and the events from the cultural program", added Dimitar Nikolov. The modern exposition center "Flora" should be opened this year. Thus year-round exhibition can be placed there. We work on the project for construction the Undergraund city which will provide new attractions for the visitors. 

"Soon Burgas will have another attraction. This is Aquae Calidae. There Burgas Municipality renovates the bath of Suleiman the Magnificent", said deputy mayor Yordanka Ananieva.

One major event such as Spirit of Burgas helps not only to Burgas. More than half of the visitors stay or visit other town on the South Black sea coast, added Dimitar Nikolov. 

Последна промяна: 16:02, 11 February 2015