The Nature reserve “Atanasovsko Lake” is filling with fresh water, rare birds leave it

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The nature reserve "Atanasovsko Lake" to Burgas, inhabited by unique and rare bird species is seriously flooded. According to ecologists the situation is close to the disaster in 2010, when the entire lake and all facilities for salt were submerged.

The lake level has risen by almost a meter. The most damaged is the northern part, which is on territory of the reserve. The salinity of the water is severely reduced. All this changes the conditions and it also affects the habitat of rare birds, some of which already left the lake to a more shallow places.

Employees of the “Black Sea Salt” JSC discovered the source of the incoming waves and called for an urgent assistance from the state to save the reserve.

Последна промяна: 13:02, 06 February 2015