Aque Calidae welcomes its first tourists this summer

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The bathroom of Suleiman the Magnificent in the archaeological complex Aque Calidae will be ready to welcome tourists this summer. The building is fully restored and exactly is followed its original vision. Is lined with marble and typical Oriental ceramics. Its authenticity is complemented by natural and artistic lighting.

The idea of Burgas Municipality is the whole historic site to become a modern cultural and tourist center. Over the ancient excavations are built modern footbridges, on which tourists to pass. In the a process of work is the establishment of a small amphitheater with a glass floor, which is located just outside the bathroom of Suleiman. Inside the building, which will be turned into a museum, visitors will be able to watch a25-minute film, created on the basis of 3D mapping. It will lead the tourists on a virtual walk in the time of the Thracians and the legend of the Sacred spring of the three nymphs, during the Roman period - to the time of Suleiman the Magnificent.

The next stage of the project envisages the space behind the fountain, which the Municipality rebuilt, to be cultivated. There will be a multipurpose building, surrounded by lush vegetation and park furniture. There will be an information center, a hall for presentations and café. After that will start the construction of the first level of the museum, which will be a Roman bath with hot and cold pool, a place for massage with herbal and natural products. Museum exhibition will include all artifacts found on Aque Calidae - gold coins, medical instruments and more.

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