"Nice to meet you, Iva" will be presented on Chengene skele

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Summer is in full swing in the "Chengene Skele" cultural and tourist complex, and on July 14 /Friday/ Theater 199 will be visiting the seaside. Then, on the open stage at 9:00 p.m., the audience will enjoy Iva Todorova's author's performance, awarded with two "Icarus" awards - "It's nice to me, Iva". Iva is a graduate of the emblematic tandem Prof. Krikor Azarian and Associate Professor Todor Kolev, who taught her to develop taste in order to have freedom.

Tickets for the hit one-man show are on sale at events.gotoburgas.com - bit.ly/3PuiWaB, at the Tourist Information Center next to the Clock and at Grabo.bg.

The performance describes the last 20 years of Iva Todorova's life with the absurdities and jokes in which the actress inadvertently or intentionally gets involved. But this process is endless and it is called "know thyself".

The audience watches the performance several times, as an anti-stress pill, a pill of joy, a pill of courage and who knows what other magical "lukarstvo", as Pippi says, is hidden in a performance. They call "I'm glad, Iva" the "jewel", which is on the capital stage for the fourth season already.

Don't miss it at CTC "Chengene Skele"! In the favorite destination of Burgas, with a refreshing drink in hand, you will enjoy a theatrical performance under the stars - a unique summer memory.

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