Summer in Burgas from April, see the list of weekends

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Summer is getting closer, and with it comes the wave of festivals, beach dances, sports and many more artistic events. The Municipality of Burgas continues to roll out the calendar of thematic weekends, which will fully cover the months from May to September. A new, fresh dose of summer emotions is added to the events originally announced in March, which will delight the residents and guests of Burgas.

Days of flowers - 28.04-08.05 National exhibition "Flora Burgas"

Green and Sports Weekend - 12.05-14.05 - together with the Biodiversity Foundation

Days of letters and books - 19.05 – 24.05

sChOOL Rock open stage - 26-28.05

Children's long weekend - 01-04.06

Mussel weekend – 09-11.06, main locations: Cultural-tourist complex "Chengene Skele", Island "St. Anastasia", Burgas restaurants

Folklor Weekend - 17.06 central event - Eighth National Folk Festival of Folk Dance Clubs "Choro on the Cote d'Azur"

BG Cinema vacation - 17.06-20.06

Festival "Burgas - exciting and artistic" - 23.06-25.06

Bile fest on the island of St. Anastasia - 23.06-25.06

Week of digital nomads - 21-25.06, main event "Remotion Fest Burgas"

July Weekend 30.06-01.07

-Solar Island


-July Morning on the Burgas beach

Retro weekend

- Parade of cars - 01.07.

First international ballet competition "Sara-Nora Prima" - 04-09.07

Weekend of dance art - 07-09.07

Jazz in Burgas – 13-15.07

Blue weekend in Burgas – 21-23.07, central event - conference dedicated to blue economies in tourism

Weekend "Fast and Furious": 14.07-16.07 - Tuning Festival "Mask"

Beer weekend and Solar - 28.07-30.07

Doll Days: 30.07-05.08 - 10th edition of the International Doll Festival

Spice Weekend 04.08-06.08

Burgas Summer Live – 11.08 with a concert by Franz Ferdinand, Nothing But Thieves, Hayes & Y

Teen Boom Festival and Skate Festival - 18.08-20.08

Festival for international historical documentary cinema DOCK - Burgas 2023 - 17.09

Jazz in Burgas (11-12.08) and exhibition "With a book on the beach" (09-13.8)

Weekend without a name - 25-27.08

Fish weekend -07-10.09

Run Weekend - 15-17.09

BG Weekend - 22-24.09


Sports weekend – 28-30.09






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