Be a part of GO TO BURGAS!

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If you own a restaurant, hotel, shop, gallery, if you operate a business that provides services of interest and practical use to tourists, promote your business for free on the official tourist portal Go To Burgas (

Go To Burgas brings together and presents in an attractive manner all information about the city, which a tourist may like and need. Therefore the site is developed in a way that the information to be upload not only from its administrators, but also from anyone after a registration. External users can share information both for objects and for events - for each of them, they must first choose the category (hotel, pharmacy, shop, gallery, etc. - for objects, or a concert, exhibition, festival, etc. - for events). They  should also enter a name, brief description, picture / and address, contact - mandatory in Bulgarian, and if possible in English and Russian. The information shall be checked and, if necessary, edited by an administrator and then appears on the site.

The registration itself is extremely easy-just enter your name, e-mail, telephone and password from the "Owner Login" located at the bottom right corner of the home page. If you experience problems with registration or entry of information, do not hesitate to contact us by , or by phone:+359 56 825 772 -"Tourism" Municipal Enterprise - Burgas Municipality.

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