Waltopia chose Burgas for the first Adventure Hub in Bulgaria

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The Sea Garden of Burgas is the location chosen for the Adventure Hub facility, which will grow in the form of a giant magic tree in the beautiful park. More than 100 municipalities have applied for the two Active Entertainment facilities that Waltopia will build in Bulgaria. In June, the company announced that due to the great interest, it would expand its investment program in the country to include more municipalities.
Over the past month, the Waltopia team has assessed in detail the various locations that have reached the final round of the initiative. The first selected and officially announced is the candidacy of the city of Burgas, where the "Tree" of "Waltopia" will be built. It will deliver healthy entertainment to children and adults in a new format for the world.
The "tree" is a kind of Adventure Hub - an attraction complex, combining many different entertainments. In fact, this is the most impressive development of Waltopia, which will appear for the first time in the company's homeland.
The facility is huge and 26 meters high. It includes a rope park with obstacles and children's climbing walls, which are harmoniously combined in the beautiful shape of a giant tree.
Tanya Kishkin is the CEO of Adventure Facility Concepts & Management (AFCM) and manages all activities related to the operation of Waltopia facilities.
“In the evaluation process, we decided that the potential of the terrain in Burgas is greater than envisaged in the initial investment intention, which included rope obstacles and a zip line, and we are currently working on the design of a larger project that will include and an area with children's outdoor climbing walls, an area for the little ones with uninsured attractions, and an area for parents.
We are glad to work together with the Municipality of Burgas, who impressed us with their proactive team and the cooperation they have shown in the whole process so far. ”
The team of Waltopia and the Municipality of Burgas are united around the fact that the Tree will be an ornament for the city.
The impressive construction will fit perfectly into the natural environment of the Sea Garden and will bring the residents of the city and their guests a new opportunity to spend their free time outdoors.

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